A test animation for a short

I have decided it would be pretty funny to draw in real time some facebook status updates from my friends. I set aside about 20 minutes in which for every new facebook status update, I would draw a picture of that person reenacting what they said. Happily, I got some pretty good ones...!

A little test animation done in After Effects

animated from this initial drawing

My best friend moved to Austin in October, and this is what I imagine she will look like when i see her again

And my other best friend who lives in LA (his facebook status updates are all I have to go by to assume he will look like this)

Just thought i would share a super short sequence of animation with you all. The animated short I've been working on for a while, this one.

Hi there!

I've been working on a new opener for my Demo Reel, and really (get it? REEL-y) been buckling down on doing mainly after effects work.

Also, enjoy this little snippet of a robot!